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Lost Track - A search along the Burma-Thailand Railway 65 years later

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Lord Heathfield


At the moment we are experimenting to Publish our first Longreads. We believe this new medium has lots of potential to enrich with great in-depth storytelling.

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Dutch Doc Awards


Lost Track got some good reviews and received a special mention at the Dutch Doc Awards.
‘Exceptional and intriguing book’ quote by the Jury

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Neolux Publishing A brief introduction

We are Neolux, which is freely translated as 'New Light'. We strongly believe that with the use of Printed and New Media, we can tell the stories that are worth being remembered. We specialize in Non-fiction from old and young history.

Longreads Mixing good old text with new media

Stories that are longer than magazine articles but shorten than a book. Longread stories are over 2,000 words and enriched with multimedia. The content is downloaded to the mobile device so no wi-fi connection is needed to enjoy the longreads, in your own time and where you want, on your smart-phone or tablet.

Contact us We'd love to hear from you!

We are always looking for historic events, memorable figures or epic adventures that can be turned into a printed book or into a Longread.